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The Tree of Life

As a musician with over 15 years’ experience in the Music Industry, Peter McVeigh has gained a notable reputation as a songwriter, solo artist & front man for the band, St. Alban. Not content to rest on his laurels, Peter has used this lockdown period to work with fellow St. Alban bandmate, Andy Dunlop, on a new solo record 'The Tree of Life'.

Described as "The Irish Darkside of the Moon" because of its theme-based content and exploration of sound & texture, 'The Tree of Life' is without a doubt McVeigh's finest work. 

Having worked with and played on stage with major artists such as Andy Dunlop, Richie Sambora, Ralph McTell, Nanci Griffith, Busta Rhymes and Tom Baxter, McVeigh blends, curves & masters a series of songs that can fit a popular context. At the same time, he manages to sound experimental with an undoubted new post-rock & Irish folk influence. 

The album features collaborations with Emma Langford, a well renowned Irish songwriter & vocalist. Emma accompanies Peter on two album tracks, 'This Time' and 'Just A Dream' 

"The Tree of Life has been an absolute dream to make in a pretty terrible year. I'm exceptionally proud of it & I'd love for people to find it & share it with their friends. If I was ever trying to define a ‘Peter McVeigh sound’, this album is it" - Peter McVeigh

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