Ah so you've fallen for the Subscription Trap!!!!

First of all I'd like to say thanks for supporting me. I've a load of ideas of where to bring content on the site. I work on a stupid amount of music beyond Peter McVeigh & St. Alban and maybe along with those things this might be interesting for you to have a look in at. I'm going to be setting up a monthly chat possibly on zoom. Those people who sign up will receive a link each month via this section of the site with a Time & Date. I'll see if I can record them too & offer some playback for those who can't make it live all the time. I'm fully aware of the pressure of life & kids. I'd love your input tho. Beyond just a general chat about what i've been up to & some exclusive music content. Is there anything else that you'd like to see? I'll grab some guests on for chats too just to keep it fresh & interesting. Anyway. I'll get this all up & running. But honestly Thanks so much for your support! Means the world! Pete

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